Name Analysis

Success, Happiness, and Health of every person is an outcome of his “Mind”, the”Thoughts” that arise out of it and the subsequent “Action” taken. As a result, depending on a type of a Mind, some people develop Positive Thoughts and hence are optimist, go-getters and successful. While some develop Negative Thought, and hence are either destructive or worrying, lack confidence, unsuccessful, and suffer from bad health.

A name plays a role exactly to a Mantra, only it is your own personal Mantra that you relate, hear, connect, and resonate with every day. Hence, a name with right vibration can condition a Mind to develop positive thoughts and bring success or with a wrong vibration develop negativity and attract failures and affect health.

The scientists believed that with the right and precise choice of words, you could condition the mind to rise above of its perceived limitations and achieve success in your objective. In fact, all sages used the power of Mantra is some form or other to achieve nirvana or liberation.