Bhagya Vijay

Perfect Analysis, Perfect Solution

Consulting Indian Hindu Astrology is a perfect way to analyse a problem and find the right solution for any problem of any human being. Bhagyavijay has explored various dimensions of Indian Hindu Astrology and it helps you will help you to get answers to all the problems. Hindu Astrology is a very typical form of Astrology which is also proven by many modern scientific facts. Bhagyavijay has a solution to any kind of problem which can’t be solved by any other way. Various astrology techniques are used by Bhagyavijay to solve problems like Health, Career, Love Relationship, Marriage, and Business etc.


To bring “Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness” in every Human Being’s life by Perfect Analysis and Perfect Solution.


To be the “center-of-knowledge and excellence” in consulting astrology.

Dr. Vijay Chatorikar

66,6666+ Clients 15+ Years… Only One Timeless Service

Dr. Vijay Chatorikar is one of the most renowned, awarded and knowledgeable celebrity astrologers in India.He has studied Astrology and Science behind it, in various languages. Born in Parbhani, Dr. Vijay Chatorikar has been closely connected to astrology since his childhood. His father Maharashi Shri P. Chatorikar, as ab astrologers, played a significant role in shaping him up as an astrologer. His key expertise lies Vastu Shatra, Astrology, Relationships, Business, Wealth, Health, Career etc. He has helped his valuable clients in Business growth, Career goals, Perfect relationships, Healthy lifestyles by offering right solutions.

During his days as a youngster. Dr. Vijay Chatorikar’s interest in astrology grew by leaps and bounds. He has taken the legacy of his farther forward and has given astrology – a new direction. He began his career by creating horoscopes of people. With the passage of time, he kept on adding to his deep pool of knowledge. He carried out an in – depth study of astrology in New Delhi. He later studied Krishnamurti in Allahabad. This helped him immensely in giving his Clients the perfect solutions. Furthermore, he studied the Lal Kitab a book in Arabian astrology. He is awarded several State National & International Awards.

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